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Residencies & Presentations

Joshua Tree

Beth will be spending seven weeks in Joshua Tree, California, at the JTHAR residency during the winter of 2024. She will work toward including the remarkable Western Joshua tree in the Shadow Forests project. (More info on Beth's project at JTHAR below).


Catskill Mountains Art and Science Residency

Angela and Beth worked with Drs. Chris Berry and Bill Stein to develop the scientific basis for Shadow Forests during 2021-2022

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The Arctic Circle Residency

Beth and Angela were recipients of the prestigious Arctic Circle Residency program, having spent three weeks on an expedition during the Summer Solstice (midnight sun) in 2019. International artists, scientists and innovators live and work aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship while sailing the waters of the international territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole.


Digital Storytelling Conference

Beth presented at the 11th Annual International Digital Storytelling Conference sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, University of Maryland, Montgomery College, and StoryCenter in June, 2023


The Gearagh Nature Reserve

Angela researched the Gearagh Nature Reserve in Ireland 2021-2022


New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

Beth will be spending three months in 2024 at this National Historical Park as an Artist in Residence, working on physical and digital crowdsourced "Cabinets of Curiosities" with the help of New Bedford residents and National Park visitors

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