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Shadow Forests



Lord Mayor's Pavilion, Ireland

In association with Sample Studios

March 16th to April 23rd, 2022

To coincide with National Tree Week and International Earth Day

Introduction Video

Angela Gilmour and Beth Jones at the Lord Mayor's Pavilion, Ireland 

Opening Remarks 
Green Party MEP Grace O'Sullivan

Shadow Forests is a multi-media, immersive installation focusing on the intersections of deep time, climate change, and the expansive life and death of forests.

This exhibition in The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion will focus on representing four ancient forests, utilizing the artists’ field research and that of supporting scientists in each location: The 385-million-year-old Cairo and Gilboa fossil forests of New York are the oldest in the world, followed closely by the ancient forests of Svalbard, High Arctic. The Gearagh in Cork is a 9,000-year-old submerged glacial woodland, flooded in 1954 to support a hydroelectric dam.  

These forests are gone, leaving shadowy traces of what they once were. The artists capture these shadow forests in their work, and provide an introduction to the science behind their demise and their historic impact on the planet’s carbon. Deep time continues to influence the present day, and Shadow Forests will draw attention to the extraordinary history of trees, the critical nature of our existing woodlands, and the importance of preserving forested environments for the future. 

The artists are extremely grateful for the generous scientific support provided to this exhibition by: Christopher Berry, Ph.D., University of Cardiff (Paleobotanist); William Stein, Ph.D., State University of New York, Binghamton, Professor Emeritus (Paleobotanist); Sean Mackay, Ph.D., (Glaciologist, Geomorphologist); Lisa Amati, Ph.D. New York State Museum (Paleontologist)

Shadow Forests
16 March-23 April (closed 17th/18th Mar) open 11am-4pm Wed -Sat
A joint exhibition of work by Angela Gilmour & Beth Jones
To coincide with Tree Week & Earth Day


Shadow Forests at the Lord Mayor's Pavilion in Cork City is an immersive exhibition focusing on four ancient forests, and how they continue to influence climate and human behavior. Work includes painting, scientific drawings, digital stories, 3-D models of ancient fossils, and additional content. Visitor participation is encouraged. Presented by Sample Studios.



first trees - Lycopsids 380Ma, acrylic on FSC birch, 23x30cm, 2021.jpg


Dreaming of Trees is a Screening of Shadow Forests: Trees in Deep Time & Dreaming of Trees, two digital stories by Beth Jones that will be shown at Chapel Hill School of Art in Macroom on two separate dates.

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