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Shadow Forests

This section will be regularly edited and expanded as we continue to work on connecting ancient forests and deep time, to our current climate and the on-going history of trees.

Svalbard Fossil field, Arctic Circle Residency
Svalbard leaf fossil 40-60 million years old

Angela & Beth sailing in the Artic Circle

Drs. Bill Stein and Lisa Amati at NY State Museum
Beth making wax rubbings at Gilboa Museum
Jeff Palmucci making 3-D models of fossils
Scanning Fossils from Svalbard
E93o5lQX0AIK48C (1).jpeg
Online weekly meetings with Dr. Chris Berry learning about the first forests
Dr. Bill Stein at NY State Museum
Archives at NY State Museum

Remains of the ancient glacial forest the Gearagh in Ireland


Angela's sketch of forest remains, the Gearagh at low water 


Angela experimenting with handmade eco paper and bog water on a field trip in the Gearagh

Beth discussing the first forests and Devonian ecology with Drs. Bill Stein and Dr. Charles Ver Straeten at NY State Museum

Angela's painting study of Devonian Forest

Beth and Dr. Sean Mackay at the oldest forest ever identified


Remains of the ancient glacial forest the Gearagh in Ireland

handmade paper, bog water, earthen pigments experiments.jpg

Experiments with handmade paper, bog water and pigments made from plants


More experiments with bog water and earthen pigments - book pages made from recycled coffee cups


Angela etching at studio in Ireland


Beth working on Dreaming of Trees digital story

Angela's drawing study of the first trees - Cladoxylopsids

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